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Ibanez Destroyer model 2459

Guitar Image
Guitar Image
1975 pre-serial number, sen Model 2459 KR

Guitar Image

Guitar Image

Guitar Image
The "Ibanez" inlay is smaller on the sen Model 2459s than on the mahogany Model 2459s (inset). You can see that the tip of the headstock is not as pointy on the sen Model 2459s as it is on the mahogany Model 2459s.

Guitar Image
Note the three-piece construction of the headstock.

Guitar Image
The earlier sen Model 2459s did not come with the "Super-70s" sticker so many retailers used the space for their own advertising.

Guitar Image
The earliest pre-serial number sen Model 2459s had a stepped neck heel as did the mahogany Model 2459s.

Guitar Image
Later pre-serial number sen Model 2459s and the serial numbered sen Model 2459s both had a smooth neck heel.

Guitar Image
Some of the pre-serial number sen Model 2459s had a number stamped into the last fret of the fingerboard. This shows Z64 but we've also seen 080 as well.

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Mahogany 2459s

The information found on this page is for the Model 2459s made from sen and maple, the so-called "Korina Destroyers".

For information regarding the Model 2459s made from mahogany, please visit our 1975 Mahogany Model 2459 page.

Sen 2459s
Status: Known
Model: 2459 (sen)
Line: N/A - original production model
Serial Number Format: none or myypppp[1]
Machine Heads: Smooth Tuner
Neck Composition: Laminated Maple
Neck Type: Set
Fingerboard Composition: Rosewood
Fret Count: 22
Scale (inches): 24.75"
Body Composition: Sen[2][3]
Binding (H / N / B): N / N / N
Number of Pick-Ups: 2
Pick-Ups by Position (N / M / B): Super-70 / x / Super-70
Bridge: Harmonic-O-Matic
Tail: Stop
Controls: (2) Volume
(1) Master Tone
(1) 3-way Toggle
Control Knobs: Volume knob
Tone knob
Hardware Color: Chrome
Finish(es): African Korina (KR)
Market: West[4]
Year of First Catalog Appearance: 1976
Catalog Appearances: 1976 Ibanez Golden Oldie Electric Guitars
1976 Electric Guitars and Basses (German)
Comments: this model is commonly called the "Korina Destroyer". Although this model has a golden hued finish, no Destroyer was ever made from Limba ("Korina") wood.
[1] Model 2459s manufactured prior to August 1975 did not have serial numbers. For those possessing serial numbers, the format for this model is myypppp where:

m = month of manufacture (e.g.: A = Jan, B = Feb, ... , K = Nov, L = Dec)
yy = last two digits of the year of manufacture (e.g.: 80 = 1980)
pppp = the sequential production number for this individual guitar out of all Ibanez electric guitars manufactured during the specified month/year at a given factory

Note: pppp is not the total number of guitars manufactured of this model.
[2] the 1976 Ibanez Golden Oldie Electric Guitars catalog states the body of the Model 2459 is made from "Selected solid ash". The disagreement within the community is that the reference to "ash" does not mean true, North American ash but rather a Japanese wood called sen that is commonly referred to as "Japanese ash".
[3] Ibanez - The Untold Story, Specht, Wright, and Donahue, 2005, Hoshino (U.S.A.) Inc, ISBN: 0-976-4277-0-2, pp 73, inset.
[4] the targeted Market values are assumptions based upon the geographic region or the language of the catalog(s) in which a given model appears. If a model appears in a Japanese language catalog, the Market is assumed to be East. If a model appears in an English language catalog, the Market is assumed to be West. Otherwise, geographic area such as North America or Asia determines the market designation of East or West.
X Marks the Spot!
WARNING - this is a pickguard tracing taken from the 1975 Model 2459 pictured at the top of this page. This pickguard may not fit your Model 2459.

The pickguard is a three layer White/Black/White "sandwich".

You will need to save the image of the tracing on your local computer and resize it for your needs.

To Save: mouse over the image below, right click, select "Save Image As..."

Model 2459 Pickguard Template
X Marks the Spot!
Part Numbers
Model: 2459 (sen)
Machine Heads: (6) Smooth Tuner, part #1338
Pick-ups: (2) Super-70, part #2350-70
Bridge: (1) Harmonic-O-Matic, part #323
Tail: (1) Stop, part #186
Control Knobs: (2) Volume knobs
part #2351-V (early)
part #s 2354-TVG or 2354-TVB (later)

(1) Tone knob
part #2351-T (early)
part #s 2354-TVG or 2354-TVB (later)

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