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Ibanez Destroyer model DT-550

Status: Speculative

Model: DT-550

We have only found a few speculative questions posed in forums regarding this hypothetical model and none of those questions had responses.

One person stated they had heard the DT-550 was supposed to be exactly like a DT-500 but with a Hard Rocker trem unit.

Another person stated the DT-550 belonged to the Destroyer II series (unlike the aforementioned DT-500 which belonged to the X-Series line).

Yet others were confusing the DT-550 with either the DT-500 or the DT-555.

So, the most information we have ever found regarding this model is both speculative and contradictory at best.

One possible explanation (which is pure speculation on our part) is the presumption of model numbers based upon history.

When the Destroyer II and Rocket Roll II lines were released in the Western market, the model numbers were:

1980:  DT-50,  DT-400
1982:  RR-50,  RR-400
1983:  RR-150,  RR-550,  DT-150,  DT-500

As you can see, there may have been presumption that the new Destroyers would be the DT-150 and DT-550 based upon the new Rocket Roll model designations.

For whatever reason, either the RR-550 or the DT-500 model designation broke the pattern.

Given the current lack of hard information regarding the hypothetical DT-550, we believe this model to either be a misidentification of a known Destroyer model or the product of speculation.

If anyone has any additional knowledge regarding this hypothetical model, please contact us.

Thank you.

- TheDestroyerGuy Team

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